9 New Technology Trends in 2019

This seems like a big claim, but let’s acknowledge the facts — the past year brought us discoveries, usually reserved for science fiction books. These included subatomic particles, AI that can smell diseases, and the first gene-edited babies. Virtual reality and artificial intelligence continue to be among the fastest growing markets, almost doubling their net […]

Report: XR Industry Insight 2019-2020

A new report published by VR Intelligence features insight from Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Intel, Nvidia and More As the extended reality (XR) market matures, it appears to have reached a tipping point. Divergences in successful use cases are starting to make themselves evident, and questions have lingered around everything from consumer awareness and content […]

Neutrals Trends For Fall 2019

These were some of the neutrals trends picked out by Pantone, but I’ve also chosen other colors, below, which can be worn as neutrals! 1. Metallics Fashion went all futuristic for Fall 2018 and, while many designers went for outlandish options which could make you look as if you’d just stepped out of a spaceship, […]

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